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Tambaroua Business Farming

février 10th, 2016 | by sene12
Tambaroua Business Farming

Tambaroua Business Farming is an agro-pastoral consulting company based in Mali that serves sub-saharan Africa. Our mission is simple, we leverage technology and knowledge to increase productivity, decrease cost, and protect the environment.



To best serve our clients and partners and move towards African agriculture independence, we seek partnerships with national and international entities who share our values.

Training | Incubation

Tambaroua Business Farming believes developing ethical and competent human resources is the best strategy to improve agriculture productivity in Africa. TBF is looking to partner with public/private non-profit and for profit entities or individuals to launch tailored training and incubation programs to develop capable human capital and encourage youth to consider agriculture as a viable career option.
Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Agriculture Program (LEAP)
Hands-on practical agriculture coaching including nursery management, composting, and mechanized agriculture.
Class room instruction including agronomy, disease management, accounting, laws and regulation.
Entrepreneurship mentoring including presentation skills, public speaking, and co-entrepreneurship.
Interaction and exposure to Business and Thought Leaders.
Incubation Program (IP)

Low risk environment for apprentices to apply LEAP lessons learned.
Creation of micro-enterprise to allow apprentices to assume various roles including farm manager, farm engineer or technician, poultry/livestock expert, and marketing and commercialization roles.
Improve negotiating skills for facility access, logistics support, inputs, expertise, and sales/distribution channels.
Apply Wealth Creation and Retention concepts.
Post Incubation

Access to startup capital from an accelerator fund will be available to apprentices to co-enterprise with TBF or start their own venture.

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